The Three Hidden Layers of Paint on Your Car

Preserving your paint job and the beauty of your vehicle is one of our largest concerns as a mobile detailing St. Pete company. Every layer of your vehicle is preserved through regular detailing services. We provide extensive training to every staff member on our team. Also, we only use proven cleaning products that can prevent damage to your vehicle. Here are some details on the standard layers of paint on most vehicles and how we work to preserve them:


The main undercoat finish on most vehicles can be black or gray. It’s often a very porous material when it goes on. It is then sanded down to make sure that the paint can adhere to it properly and to preserve the finish of your vehicle. If there are areas where your primer has been damaged, we can log these spots. We will let you know where you may need a respray or body work.

Base coat

The first layer of paint that sits on top of the primer. and it can often come with noticeable blemishes when extra moisture is let in. Manufacturers would usually apply two coats to get the ideal protection and shine. We only use products that can preserve the color and finish of these coats. They prevent damage/moisture wear on your base coats.

Clear coats

Clear coats protect your paint from damage by the sun’s UV rays. This coat is usually produced with polyurethane or urethane in a high-gloss sheen. With this type of coat, you can have a shine that can be properly maintained over years with your vehicle. We only use proven cleaners and soft applicators. This is to make sure that your clear coat stays preserved during mobile detailing in St Pete. A paint correction from a mobile detailing company consists of buffing out the clear coat to remove any scratches or surface blemishes.


In certain types of paint there can also be specialty acrylic lacquers. These lacquers produce an even greater shine. We want to make sure that we can preserve this layer and only use approved products with specialty paint.

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Our Auto Detailers Care to Each Vehicle’s Specific Needs

One of the most common questions that we get as an auto detailing company in Tampa is whether we change our detailing process based on the vehicle. We understand that no two paint jobs are alike. We also understand each manufacturer has its own standards for their paint jobs. This means that as auto detailers in Tampa, we have to adjust our methods to preserve the paint job of each vehicle.

Almost every manufacturer uses quality coatings and durable clear coats. Detailing using the right products can help to make sure that we preserve the look of each paint job. In addition, we can prevent the chance that a particular coating can erode over time and more.

The slickness of paint also varies based on the manufacturer. Our staff receives training based off of manufacturer specific requirements on paint care. We are always sure to use ultra soft microfiber rags for detailing. We make sure that the services we provide protect each coat no matter what manufacturer your vehicle is from.

Certain manufacturers have paint that is not only treated to be much thicker and durable, but also slicker which needs extra care. This is often why we take a very different approach to cleaning a Honda vs a Mercedes or Jaguar.

Manufacturer paint quality changes between vehicles. However, auto detailers can manage these requirements and adjust services accordingly. This is important to preserving your vehicle over time.