Techniques to remove water spots from your car

Water spots can often be difficult to manage with any paint job on your car. The problem with water spots is that they can damage paint over time. Dealing with these spots can often be a problem for the average vehicle owner. There are some easy ways that you can remove some of the compounds in water which are powerful enough to dissolve paint. Here are some of the best ways that you could try and remove water spots from your car’s exterior before contacting a repair specialist:

Detailing spray:

Buying a detailing spray can be one of the easiest ways that you can remove water spots on the surface. If you happen to notice small water spots along the surface of your vehicle’s paint, a quick spray down with detailing spray and a wipe down with a soft cloth can help to prevent future damage.


plain white vinegar can be an excellent way to wipe off residue from water. Let the vinegar soak into a water spot and then wipe it down with a soft cloth. Vinegar can often be a much stronger version of detailing spray that will help to remove water spots quickly.

Paint cleaner solutions:

A high-quality paint cleaner can be an excellent way to remove surface defects along your vehicle. A paint cleaner is slightly different from almost any type of detailing spray. It works through several rounds of application with a foam applicator pad. It can work to smooth out the look of your paint job a bit better than some competing products.

Paint Correction:

A paint correction can be a great way to remove harder water spots that have fallen into the upper layers of paint. Polisher works to blend together some of your paint finishes while also removing the etching and permeated finishes which are deep down in paint.


This post was written by Jordan Jones, a Detailing Specialist at Craft Auto Spa.