The Three Hidden Layers of Paint on Your Car

Preserving your paint job and the beauty of your vehicle is one of our largest concerns as a mobile detailing St. Pete company. Every layer of your vehicle is preserved through regular detailing services. We provide extensive training to every staff member on our team. Also, we only use proven cleaning products that can prevent damage to your vehicle. Here are some details on the standard layers of paint on most vehicles and how we work to preserve them:


The main undercoat finish on most vehicles can be black or gray. It’s often a very porous material when it goes on. It is then sanded down to make sure that the paint can adhere to it properly and to preserve the finish of your vehicle. If there are areas where your primer has been damaged, we can log these spots. We will let you know where you may need a respray or body work.

Base coat

The first layer of paint that sits on top of the primer. and it can often come with noticeable blemishes when extra moisture is let in. Manufacturers would usually apply two coats to get the ideal protection and shine. We only use products that can preserve the color and finish of these coats. They prevent damage/moisture wear on your base coats.

Clear coats

Clear coats protect your paint from damage by the sun’s UV rays. This coat is usually produced with polyurethane or urethane in a high-gloss sheen. With this type of coat, you can have a shine that can be properly maintained over years with your vehicle. We only use proven cleaners and soft applicators. This is to make sure that your clear coat stays preserved during mobile detailing in St Pete. A paint correction from a mobile detailing company consists of buffing out the clear coat to remove any scratches or surface blemishes.


In certain types of paint there can also be specialty acrylic lacquers. These lacquers produce an even greater shine. We want to make sure that we can preserve this layer and only use approved products with specialty paint.

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Our Auto Detailers Care to Each Vehicle’s Specific Needs

One of the most common questions that we get as an auto detailing company in Tampa is whether we change our detailing process based on the vehicle. We understand that no two paint jobs are alike. We also understand each manufacturer has its own standards for their paint jobs. This means that as auto detailers in Tampa, we have to adjust our methods to preserve the paint job of each vehicle.

Almost every manufacturer uses quality coatings and durable clear coats. Detailing using the right products can help to make sure that we preserve the look of each paint job. In addition, we can prevent the chance that a particular coating can erode over time and more.

The slickness of paint also varies based on the manufacturer. Our staff receives training based off of manufacturer specific requirements on paint care. We are always sure to use ultra soft microfiber rags for detailing. We make sure that the services we provide protect each coat no matter what manufacturer your vehicle is from.

Certain manufacturers have paint that is not only treated to be much thicker and durable, but also slicker which needs extra care. This is often why we take a very different approach to cleaning a Honda vs a Mercedes or Jaguar.

Manufacturer paint quality changes between vehicles. However, auto detailers can manage these requirements and adjust services accordingly. This is important to preserving your vehicle over time.

Car Detailing Yourself? Don’t Forget These Commonly Missed Spots

Cleaning your car at home can often be a time-consuming process. It requires a knowledge of auto cleaning solutions as well as how to clean your vehicle. Professional detailers can often deliver a much better experience. They do so with cleaners that won’t compromise your paint or deal damage to your vehicle. If you are considering doing your own car detailing in St. Pete, here are the top spots most people miss(from a DIY car cleaning):

Inside body paneling:

There are many common spots throughout body paneling they can pick up dirt over time. Professional car detailing in Tampa can help to make sure that these spots can be easily scrubbed out. Removal of any excess dirt and grime without leaving moisture trapped in these areas as well.

Deeper chips or scratches:

Professional car detailing in St. Pete could actually help to remove some of the small chips or scratches from your paint. By using professional tools, it is possible to remove some of these deep scratches. This results in your paint looking much more uniform.

Vacuuming deep into seating:

Cleaning your interior requires special processes and often a portable vacuum. With the help of the powerful portable vacuums at an auto detailer in Tampa, you can be sure they get every crevice. Making sure to get all debris out of the seats preserve their quality over time.

Center console:art on wheels; craft auto spa

Using the right cleaner for your center console makes sure that there are no caked on dust or missed spots. Fixing up some of these spots can be an excellent solution to keeping your car in pristine condition. Keep some of these top spots in mind as you are cleaning your car. Remember that getting your car detailed in St. Pete can be one of the best options for keeping it looking its best!
This post was written by Jordan Jones, a Detailing Specialist at Craft Auto Spa.

The Hidden Dangers of Automatic Car washes

If you regularly use automatic car washes to clean your vehicle you should strongly consider caution before going again. A full-service automatic car wash may seem like a great deal what it can actually be more harmful to your paint finish over time. Here are some of the top reasons why automatic car washes can be a danger to your paint finish:

The acids used:

most of the automatic car washes today use a variety of pre cleaners and acids which can actually eat away at your paint over time. The heavy-duty cleaners which are often used in automatic car washes can do more danger to your paint than you may expect.

The brushes:Stage 3 Pain Correction on a Dodge Challenger

the gigantic brushes that spin and scrub your car can often do more than remove dirt. These are brushes that will repeatedly slap into your car and eventually start to remove paint over time. When you go into a car wash regularly, these brushes can actually do just the same amount of damage as sandpaper. This can lead to ongoing chips and major scratches if you regularly go through the car wash. One $10 car wash will end up costing you upwards of $1,500 in paint corrections.

Pressurized water causes damage:

When your paint has been softened up, high-pressure water jets can cause serious damage. A well-placed jet could actually peel some of the paint off of your vehicle over time.

Improper drying:

the high-powered dryers at the end of a car wash can often leave extra water spots on your car. The giant blowers will actually make sure that your vehicle is only slightly dry. With water spots available on your paint this can lead to problems with ongoing dampness and eventually permanent spots in your paint job.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind if you are planning on going through the car wash. Remember that through some of these various issues and more you could have a series of problems with your paint job over time thanks to the harmful nature of the chemicals and processes used in these washes.

This post was written by Jordan Jones, a Detailing Specialist at Craft Auto Spa.

Techniques to remove water spots from your car

Water spots can often be difficult to manage with any paint job on your car. The problem with water spots is that they can damage paint over time. Dealing with these spots can often be a problem for the average vehicle owner. There are some easy ways that you can remove some of the compounds in water which are powerful enough to dissolve paint. Here are some of the best ways that you could try and remove water spots from your car’s exterior before contacting a repair specialist:

Detailing spray:

Buying a detailing spray can be one of the easiest ways that you can remove water spots on the surface. If you happen to notice small water spots along the surface of your vehicle’s paint, a quick spray down with detailing spray and a wipe down with a soft cloth can help to prevent future damage.


plain white vinegar can be an excellent way to wipe off residue from water. Let the vinegar soak into a water spot and then wipe it down with a soft cloth. Vinegar can often be a much stronger version of detailing spray that will help to remove water spots quickly.

Paint cleaner solutions:

A high-quality paint cleaner can be an excellent way to remove surface defects along your vehicle. A paint cleaner is slightly different from almost any type of detailing spray. It works through several rounds of application with a foam applicator pad. It can work to smooth out the look of your paint job a bit better than some competing products.

Paint Correction:

A paint correction can be a great way to remove harder water spots that have fallen into the upper layers of paint. Polisher works to blend together some of your paint finishes while also removing the etching and permeated finishes which are deep down in paint.


This post was written by Jordan Jones, a Detailing Specialist at Craft Auto Spa.


Paint Correction: The magical solution to restoring your car’s paint

Paint correction services remain one of the best ways to remove fine scratches and swirl marks from your vehicle. Whether you have a series of scuff marks from acid rain etching, deep isolated scratches, or heavier blemishes that are easily seen with the naked eye, you should definitely consider a paint correction. This service will restore your vehicle to a newer condition and to preserve its look.

There are multiple levels of paint correction that can be done. It’s all based on the severity of the scratches or imperfections within the paint on your car:

2 Step Paint Correction

picture of detailed bentley logo

In this setup, you will have access to a 50% correction rate. This will restore the original gloss and clarity of your paint job. It will also remove some of the minor paint imperfections and make sure that you can get the look back to the original clear look.

3 Step Paint Correction

A three-step correction will remove some of the paint imperfections and minor marks. These are swirl marks, water spotting, medium scratches and more. This is a little more costly but it also helps to remove some of the more severe marks within your paint job.

4 Step Correction

This involves the removal of light water spotting, medium scratches, swirl marks, heavy imperStage 3 Paint Correction on a Dodge Challengerfections and deeper scratches. This is often one of the most intensive levels of paint correction. Also, it is reserved for areas where a deep level of scratching is persisting.

If you feel as though any of these types of paint restoration solutions could be a better way to restore the look of your vehicle to its original condition, contact us today! We can schedule a paint correction for your vehicle so that it can maintain its value over time.


This post was written by Jordan Jones, a Detailing Specialist at Craft Auto Spa.

Mobile Auto Detailing vs Car Washes

Keeping you car clean is an absolute must to keep it running in excellent condition. However, in our fast-paced society, car washes will often miss a lot of the details. This is where mobile auto detailing stands apart. What many people find difficult to tell the difference between at times is the idea of a car wash versus car detailing. Auto detailing in Tampa has becmobile car wash ome very popular and mobile car detailing Tampa packages can be a fast and convenient way to keep your car looking and feeling great.

Car Wash

A car wash covers most of the exterior cleaning of your vehicle. Usually a car wash is around $10 up to $40. It includes around 10 to 20 min. of service where you can either pay cash for a self-serve machine to spray down your vehicle, soap it up and rinse it off, or take it through an indoor carwash that’s more automatic. Car washes are designed to remove some of the surface dirt from your vehicle. It may also come with specialty coatings like waxes or special soaps that can remove more caked on grime.

Most mobile car detailing Tampa services also includes an exterior wash, but goes much further.

Mobile Auto Detailing

The detailing process is a more restorative touch for your vehicle. It works to provide a clean that goes from top to bottom, and uses a series of specialized products and tools. The car detailing process pretty much restores the paintwork on your vehicle. It includes buffing out minor scratches and marks as well as waxing your entire vehicle.

executive interior detail job

The process of car detailing does not include any type of body work or physical repairs. However, it often results in a striking change in appearance for your vehicle.

Auto detailing also includes interior detailing for your vehicle.

This means a complete clean over your entire interior surfaces to make sure that they look their best.

When you have one our mobile car detailing Tampa technicians come to you with a comprehensive service package it can often lead to it looking like its fresh off the showroom floor!



This post was written by Jordan Jones. Jordan is the Marketing Director and Content Specialist at Craft Auto Spa, a St Pete Detailing Company. Facebook

Celebrating One Year!

Craft Auto Spa Founder Jonathan Walcheski        Today, September 26, 2018 marks one year that Craft Auto Spa has been serving the Tampa Bay Area! This past year alone we’ve doubled our staff size, gained a new location, and added a multitude of new services! This is all thanks to our loyal customers who continually come back to receive the highest quality of care for their vehicle.

This is now officially our second year in the business. Craft will only continue to grow and our dedication to excellence along with it. Stay tuned, we’ve only begun to make strides in the automobile industry!

Ceramic Coatings: 4 Ways It Protects Your Car

If you are thinking about coatings for your vehicle so that you can preserve its life span, it’s important to remember that the auto detailing industry now has some amazing tech advances for coating your car. Ceramic coating your car can be one of the best new ways to protect your paintwork and guard against corrosion.

ceramic coating on a mercedes benzCeramic coatings can work at protecting everything from your paintwork to the trim to your rims. Here are the top four reasons why you need a ceramic coat for your car:

#1. Ceramic coatings offer a superior level of protection

Ceramic coatings in Tampa can ensure that your car can resist water spots. With this protection, you won’t need to wax it for around five years. The coating can resist the number of topical scratches and it also resists UV damage and fading for paintwork.

#2. Ceramic coatings offer better durability than other coatings

Rather than the clear coat that’s on your paint job, a ceramic paint coating can work to provide a superior surface to protect your vehicle over ordinary paint. Unlike a traditional coating like a wax, ceramic coatings can last for five years or more. As a result, this can add new value to your vehicle.

#3. Ceramic coatings can save you money over time

Although a Tampa ceramic coating may be a financial investment up front, the amount that you wax your car can also be an investment over time. If you find yourself regularly waxing your vehicle every 4 to 8 months, the cost of the ceramic coatings can be extremely justified in the long run.


#4. Keeps your vehicle clean

hydrophobic ceramic coating on paintWith a coating that can prevent water pooling and scratches, your vehicle can remain clean over time. Any type of dirt or dust can simply slide off your surface paint and water spotting does not have the chance to form.

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This post was written by Jordan Jones, the Marketing Director and Content Specialist at Craft Auto Spa, a St Pete Detailing Company. Facebook

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