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The Three Hidden Layers of Paint on Your Car

Preserving your paint job and the beauty of your vehicle is one of our largest concerns as a mobile detailing St. Pete company. Every layer of your vehicle is preserved through regular detailing services. We provide extensive training to every staff member on our team. Also, we only use proven cleaning products that can prevent […]

Our Auto Detailers Care to Each Vehicle’s Specific Needs

One of the most common questions that we get as an auto detailing company in Tampa is whether we change our detailing process based on the vehicle. We understand that no two paint jobs are alike. We also understand each manufacturer has its own standards for their paint jobs. This means that as auto detailers […]

Car Detailing Yourself? Don’t Forget These Commonly Missed Spots

Cleaning your car at home can often be a time-consuming process. It requires a knowledge of auto cleaning solutions as well as how to clean your vehicle. Professional detailers can often deliver a much better experience. They do so with cleaners that won’t compromise your paint or deal damage to your vehicle. If you are […]

The Hidden Dangers of Automatic Car washes

If you regularly use automatic car washes to clean your vehicle you should strongly consider caution before going again. A full-service automatic car wash may seem like a great deal what it can actually be more harmful to your paint finish over time. Here are some of the top reasons why automatic car washes can […]

Techniques to remove water spots from your car

Water spots can often be difficult to manage with any paint job on your car. The problem with water spots is that they can damage paint over time. Dealing with these spots can often be a problem for the average vehicle owner. There are some easy ways that you can remove some of the compounds […]

Paint Correction: The magical solution to restoring your car’s paint

Paint correction services remain one of the best ways to remove fine scratches and swirl marks from your vehicle. Whether you have a series of scuff marks from acid rain etching, deep isolated scratches, or heavier blemishes that are easily seen with the naked eye, you should definitely consider a paint correction. This service will […]

Celebrating One Year!

        Today, September 26, 2018 marks one year that Craft Auto Spa has been serving the Tampa Bay Area! This past year alone we’ve doubled our staff size, gained a new location, and added a multitude of new services! This is all thanks to our loyal customers who continually come back to […]